Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Break Up Season - Friends & Rivals

Many years ago, I was in a band called "The Break Up Season." We played throughout Orange County, CA, including local hotspots such as Koo's Cafe, Chain Reaction, and The Galaxy. Before disbanding, we were working on an E.P. that was going to be titled "Friends & Rivals."

Several years later, I came across some old band CD's and tapes, and got to thinking about The Break Up Season. With the help of Rikio Ahara, I was able to track down some instrumental cuts from our Friends & Rivals recording sessions.

What results is a snapshot of what the vision for Friends & Rivals was, along with two acoustic demo tracks. 

The Break Up Season was:
Rikio Ahara (bass, vocals)
Christopher Bright (guitar, vocals)
Nathan Gammill (guitar)
Jeff Olson (drums)
John Tu (guitar)

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